I criminali della galassia

"WILD is the Word For This World!"

I Criminali della Galassia or Criminals of the Galaxy is also known as Wild, Wild Planet. It's an Italian science fiction movie. In it, a mad scientist uses human beings in monstrous experiments to create a race of hermaphroditic beings with superhuman powers. When he starts kidnapping people for these experiments, a policeman goes after him. He has a personal stake in the matter since the scientist kidnapped his girlfriend.

| 1965 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.5/10
Tony Russel, Lisa Gastoni, Massimo Serato, Carlo Giustini
Antonio Margheriti
I criminali della galassia
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Also starring Tony Russel

Also starring Lisa Gastoni

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Wild Wild Planet (1965) Trailer|2:48
Wild Wild Planet (1965) Trailer|2:48