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"Hot rocks... Hot lead! VAN CLEEF is caught in..."
  • R
  • 1978
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 5.3  (433)

The Squeeze is a 1978 crime-thriller movie that tells the story of a retired expert safecracker, Jim Naboth (played by Lee Van Cleef). The plot of the movie revolves around Jim Naboth's attempt to pull off one last heist, joined by a young man named Ernie (played by Edward Albert) and a woman named Clarisse (played by Karen Black). The movie starts with Jim Naboth returning from his self-imposed exile to his hometown in the hope of pulling off a last major heist that will fetch him enough money to retire peacefully. But the heist requires specialized skills, which he does not possess alone. Therefore, he decides to take the help of a young man named Ernie, who is also trying to establish his identity and make some money in the process. Ernie is impressed by Jim's skills and readily agrees to help him with the heist.

Soon, the duo realizes that they need the help of a woman to execute the heist successfully. Enter Clarisse, a woman with a mysterious past and expertise in explosives. Clarisse agrees to help Jim and Ernie, but at a cost. She demands a percentage of the loot, which Jim is not willing to pay initially. However, after much discussion, they agree to her terms, and the trio starts planning the heist.

The heist is not a simple one, and the trio faces multiple challenges in executing it. The tension in the movie starts building up as the team prepares to execute the heist. The team has to factor in the presence of a security guard, an alarm system, and other factors. Jim's experience, Ernie's agility, and Clarisse's expertise finally come together in the execution of the heist, which is successful.

After the heist, things take a turn for the worse. They realize that the loot was far less than what they had initially anticipated, and they were being followed. The tension in the movie reaches its peak as the trio tries to make their escape. They realize that they cannot trust each other and that they have to fend for themselves. The movie ends on a gripping and thrilling note, with the fate of the trio left to the imagination of the viewers.

The Squeeze is a movie that keeps you hooked till the very end. The chemistry between the three main characters is terrific, and the tension in the movie keeps you on edge throughout. The heist scenes are brilliantly shot, and the suspense and thrill in these scenes are palpable. The movie's pace is somewhat slow initially, but it picks up momentum as the plot progresses, and the tension starts building up.

Lee Van Cleef, Karen Black, and Edward Albert deliver brilliant performances, making their characters come alive on the screen. Lee Van Cleef, in particular, is outstanding in his portrayal of the veteran safecracker. His commanding presence on the screen and his confident portrayal of the character make for a compelling performance.

The Squeeze was not a commercial success when it was released, but it has since gained a cult following. The movie is a testament to the quality of filmmaking in the '70s, with its expertly crafted plot, well-defined characters, and its ability to keep the audience engaged throughout its runtime. It's a must-watch for fans of heist movies and crime-thrillers.

The Squeeze
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    1 hr 39 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.3  (433)