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  • 2008
  • 78 hr
  • 6.2  (601)

I Know You Know is a 2008 drama mystery film that tells the story of a single father Charlie (Robert Carlyle) and his son, Jamie (Arron Fuller), who are constantly on the move to avoid Charlie's past catching up to them. As a result, Jamie has grown up without knowing too much about his father other than his numerous aliases and that he works for the government.

Determined to uncover the truth about his father's past, Jamie secretly starts to investigate and watches his father's every move. However, the closer Jamie gets to the truth, the more dangerous his investigations become, and soon he realizes that he might be in over his head.

The film takes place in the 1990s and is set in Manchester, which adds to the gritty and raw atmosphere of the movie. The city is depicted as a bleak and unforgiving place, where people have to struggle to make ends meet. This is highlighted in one of the opening scenes, where Charlie and Jamie are shown driving around in a beat-up car, trying to sell counterfeit perfumes to make some cash.

The relationship between Charlie and Jamie is at the heart of the story, and their bond is both tender and strained at the same time. Charlie is protective of his son, but he constantly keeps him at arm's length and refuses to talk about his past. Jamie, on the other hand, is desperate to know more about his dad, and his curiosity gets the better of him.

Robert Carlyle delivers an outstanding performance as Charlie, managing to portray him as both a loving father and a man with a murky past. In one scene, he tells Jamie about how he used to work as a spy for the government, but that he had to go into hiding when his life was threatened. However, as the film progresses, it becomes clear that Charlie's version of events is not the whole truth.

Arron Fuller also gives an impressive performance as Jamie, who is struggling to understand his father and come to terms with his own past. He is a quiet and introspective boy, who spends most of his time reading spy novels and trying to emulate his father's old job.

David Bradley plays the role of Sam, Charlie's former boss, who is trying to track him down. Bradley's character is menacing and unpredictable, and his presence adds an element of danger to the film.

The film's pacing is deliberate, and the director takes his time in unfolding the mystery surrounding Charlie's past. The audience is given snippets of information through flashbacks and conversations between characters, but it's not until the final act that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

The cinematography is also a highlight of the film, with the use of muted colors and stark lighting adding to the atmosphere of the movie. The soundtrack is also evocative, with a number of haunting melodies weaving their way throughout the story.

Overall, I Know You Know is an engrossing and thought-provoking film that explores the themes of family, identity, and the price of secrets. Robert Carlyle's performance is an absolute standout, and the film is a testament to his diverse range as an actor. If you're a fan of spy dramas or coming-of-age stories, this is one film you won't want to miss.

I Know You Know
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    78 hr
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (601)