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"They Robbed The Rich...And That's It"
  • R
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.3  (10,403)
  • 44

Plunkett & Macleane is a British period action-comedy film directed by Jake Scott and released in 1999. Set in the 18th century, the movie follows the adventures of two charming criminals - Will Plunkett (Robert Carlyle) and Captain James Macleane (Jonny Lee Miller) - as they rob their way through London's high society. The movie opens with Plunkett and Macleane, two destitute men, meeting each other in a prison cell. Plunkett is a former merchant with a family to support, while Macleane is a dandy who once served in the army. They form an unlikely partnership - Macleane's knowledge of high society and etiquette, along with Plunkett's physical strength and bravery, make them a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld.

Their first heist is an attempt to steal from the rich at a theater. Their plan goes awry, however, when they are saved from the police by Rebecca Gibson (Liv Tyler), a beautiful and mysterious woman who captures Macleane's heart. Rebecca is a member of a secret society of gamblers who bet on the outcome of Macleane and Plunkett's next heist.

As the duo becomes more successful in their robberies, Macleane is torn between his love for Rebecca and loyalty to his partner. Meanwhile, a ruthless lawman named Chance (Ken Stott) is on their tail, determined to bring them to justice.

The movie features a mix of action, comedy, romance, and drama, and is arguably most successful in its portrayal of early 18th-century London. The sets and costumes are remarkably detailed and authentic, and the cinematography captures the gritty and seedy side of the city. The movie is also notable for its use of modern music, including tracks by Blur, Oasis, and Radiohead, which helps to create a modern edge to the otherwise period setting.

The central performances are strong, with Robert Carlyle being especially impressive as the rough-edged and violent Plunkett. Jonny Lee Miller brings charm and wit to his role as Macleane, and he and Carlyle have excellent chemistry as a duo. Liv Tyler, while not given a great deal to do, is alluring and mysterious as Rebecca Gibson, and Ken Stott brings a menacing presence as the villainous Chance.

The movie's weak point is its plot, which is somewhat lackluster and predictable. The heists themselves are not particularly thrilling, and the movie isn't always sure whether it wants to be a romance, a comedy, or an action movie. The dialogue can also be somewhat stilted and heavy-handed at times, which takes away from the otherwise engaging performances.

Despite these flaws, Plunkett & Macleane is an entertaining and enjoyable romp through 18th-century London. It is an excellent showcase of Carlyle and Miller's acting abilities, and its blend of humor and action will appeal to those looking for a lighthearted and visually impressive movie.

Plunkett & Macleane
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