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When successful San Francisco lawyer Eli Stone develops strange hallucinations, it seems as though the cause: a life threatening inoperable brain aneurysm, will be the end of his career. Eli's intense hallucinations bring his judgement and later his ability to practice law into question. With the help of family, good friends, and hit singer George Michael Eli Stone finds out the hard way that you do not have to believe in a higher power for it to believe in you. Although his gut reaction is usually to lie, give up, or give in, Eli Stone learns that when God has a plan for your life refusal is not really an option.

A strong undercurrent to the main theme of philanthropy is Eli's father, Jeremy Stone who's own hallucinations plagued Eli's childhood. His father masked his unpredictable and strange behavior as best he could, earning him a reputation as a drunk and a disappointment. These memories haunt Eli's own attempts at personal relationships, especially as his symptoms become more pronounced.

Eli Stone offers a cast of charming recurring characters that provide a moving counterpoint to his point and teach him important lessons in faith and humility. Eli's brother Nathan is a Neurologist who always has a helpful dose of reality to spare. Patti Dellacroix is Eli's sarcastic, but motherly secretary. Taylor Weathersby is Eli's beautiful fiance who also happens to be the daughter of law firm owner Jordan Weathersby, Eli's boss. Rounding out the excellent cast is Dr. Frank Chen, the owner of an acupuncture shop where Eli turns when he needs help finding his way.

Eli Stone's mental and spiritual journey is full of catchy tunes and upbeat dance numbers featuring the hits of George Michael as well as intense images that ultimately help him make important decisions for his clients, his life, and the good of those around him.

Eli Stone is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 31, 2008.

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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 31, 2008
Drama, Comedy
Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Victor Garber, Natasha Henstridge, Loretta Devine, Sam Jaeger
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Eli Stone Full Episode Guide

  • Eli is convinced that one of his friends will die in a plane crash.

  • Eli fights for the little man against a greedy CEO whose bad decisions cost hundreds their jobs.

  • Eli and Maggie deal with the aftermath of the change in their relationship, and , while dealing with the Sonoma case, and a new man enters Maggie's life.

  • Eli, Matt, Taylor, and Maggie all find themselves in the small town of Sonoma, working on the same case from different sides... and dealing with the issues between them.

  • When Nathan asks Eli to be the minister at his wedding, Eli is forced to turn to Frank's rival to undergo the "Dark Truth" ritual and learn what his visions mean. Meanwhile, Taylor and Matt get unwanted news about their unborn child, and Keith and Eli defend a minister in a discrimination case.

  • While representing a Nobel Prize winner destined to find the secret of cold fusion in the future, Eli undergoes a dangerous procedure with Chen's rival acupuncturist to see if he has a future with Ashley Cardiff. Meanwhile, Taylor learns more than she wants to about her father while representing him in his divorce.

  • Keith begins to doubt Angela's innocence, but Eli's vision leads him to believe she's innocent. When he understands what the vision truly means, he and Patti come to a turning point in their relationship. Meanwhile, Frank sets up Eli on a blind date, and Maggie gives advice to Matt on Taylor's pregnancy.

  • Eli has visions from his father's point of view of Nathan's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Taylor has news for Matt about her pregnancy, and Keith suspects Patti's daughter of using drugs.

  • Eli and Jordon have problems with regular clientele and keeping up with costs with their new firm. Eli convinces Jim Cooper, a billionaire philanthropist, to lead the case on trial drug testing. Eli is put in a difficult situation when he learns Cooper's son wants no part in the trial. Meanwhile, Keith represents Patti's daughter. while Matt and Maggie work to to find the traitor amongst their midst.

  • In the aftermath of Jordan's case, the firm deals with the loss of clients. Eli attempts to convince Matt to stay with the firm, and then receives a vision that will prove critical to Maggie's upcoming wedding.

  • While Eli takes on a lead paint manufacturing case that may take him to the Supreme Court, Jordan is forced to defend his sanity in court. Meanwhile, Eli discovers his father's diary that contains a disturbing revelation.

  • A non-profit attorney has a mysterious fate that leads her to Eli... and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, Eli and Julie take on the case of a father who wishes to prevent his dead son from being buried with military honors.

  • After the operation, Eli appears to have lost his visions. However, when an incident with a crane puts Jordan's life in danger, it's Nathan that starts having visions that may save his life... if Eli can convince Taylor to listen.

  • Eli undergoes surgery for his aneurysm, but when complications arise his brother Nathan must make a difficult decision.

  • Eli takes on the case of a prisoner who is Keith Barnett's ex-client. Meanwhile, one of the law firm's partners, Marci Klein, shows up to see why Jordan is losing so many of the firm's Fortune 500 clients.

  • Eli has visions of the day that his father died while defending Nathan in a malpractice suit. Meanwhile, Taylor takes on the divorce case of a man who is accused of cheating... on his own wife, using an anonymous Internet chat ID.

  • George Michael seeks representation by Eli on behalf of a teenage girl who has been dismissed from school after playing one of his songs with suggestive lyrics during an assembly for abstinence-education. Meanwhile, Eli prepares for his first date since his engagement broke off, and Taylor and Matt work together on a judge's lawsuit.

  • A real estate mogul's desire to create a shopping mall by evicting a whole neighborhood, makes for an interesting case as Eli defends him after foreseeing an earthquake's epicenter in that area.

  • Eli is reduced to playing second fiddle to Maggie as she works on a malpractice suit against a doctor from Nathan's hospital. Meanwhile, Taylor believes a musical performance by singer George Michael can help her reconcile with Eli. Meanwhile, Matt and Keith argue over how to handle the Turk case.

  • "New Eli" gets to correct a case that "Old Eli" won via questionable methods for a motor vehicle manufacturer, but his odd behavior threatens the outcome. Meanwhile, Jordan entroduces two new associates -- his daughter, Taylor, who happens to be Eli's ex-fiance, and Keith Bennett.

  • Eli has a revelation when a man appears on his TV set and asks for help. The man turns out to be one of Nathan's patients who just awoke from a coma after five years to find his wife has taken over his company and has a new husband. He asks Eli to sue in order to get his life back on track.

  • As Eli worries about his engagement party, he has a vision that lands him in the middle of a World War II battle, leading him to take the case of a National Guard Specialist who is suing her ex-husband for custody of their son. Meanwhile, Jordan requires Eli to provide proof that he's fit to work, so Eli enlists his brother in helping falsify medical records.

  • Returning from the Himalayas, Eli goes back to work and Maggie Dekker, a first-year associate, gets him to take the case of a married couple who are illegals from Mexico and seeking compensation against a produce manufacturer whose pesticide made the wife and her co-workers infertile. Eli is reluctant until the he receives a visions of a boy's choir and a biplane. Unfortunately, it appears he's going to lose the case when he discovers the wife is lying. Meanwhile, Taylor tries to live with knowledge of Eli's aneurysm and inadvertently reveals its existence to Patti.

  • Eli Stone finds his life at a crossroads and soon learns that he suffering from an inoperable brain aneurysm that's causing his hallucinations. Struggling to cope with the news, Eli begins to have visions that he is a prophet and decides to use his new found abilites for good.

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Yidio Video of the Day: 'Careless Whispers,' George Michael Sexy Sax Style

Like the rest of the country, we've been riveted all day to the horrible news regarding the tsunami in Japan and threats of similar disasters in Hawaii and on the West Coast (which never really materialized but scared the buhjeezus out of us anyway).

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