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  • TV-PG
  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.7  (10,822)

Eli Stone is a legal drama television series that aired on ABC from 2008 to 2009. The show features a talented and successful lawyer named Eli Stone, portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller, who works in a prestigious law firm in San Francisco. Eli is a workaholic who is solely focused on advancing his career and earning money. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he starts experiencing weird hallucinations and visions. He sees strange and surreal images that nobody else can see, which eventually leads him to believe he may have a brain aneurysm or a brain tumor.

Despite his fears, Eli decides to ignore his symptoms and continue working, but things get worse when he starts to realize that his hallucinations are not just figments of his imagination. He begins to see visions of things that will happen in the future, including disasters and tragedies.

The show follows Eli as he struggles to come to terms with his gift, which he believes is actually a curse. He confronts his doubts and fears and eventually learns how to use his visions for good and help others.

Throughout the series, Eli's personal and professional life becomes more complicated as he faces different challenges. His close relationship with his boss and mentor, Jordan Wethersby, portrayed by Victor Garber, starts to become strained as Eli begins to question his law firm's ethics and business practices.

Meanwhile, Eli's love life is also a source of conflict as he is torn between his ex-fiancée, Taylor Wethersby, played by Natasha Henstridge, and his new love interest, Maggie Decker, portrayed by Julie Gonzalo.

Eli also faces several legal cases that reflect both his personal struggles and the moral and ethical dilemmas of the law. These cases include a lawsuit against a vaccine manufacturer, a dispute over the rights of a chimpanzee, and a case involving a college friend who was exposed to toxic waste.

Along with Jonny Lee Miller and Victor Garber, Eli Stone stars a talented ensemble cast that includes Loretta Devine as Patti Dellacroix, Eli's trusted assistant; Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, Eli's friend and colleague; James Saito as Dr. Chen, Eli's neurologist; Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone, Eli's younger brother; Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Decker, Eli's love interest; and Jason Winston George as Keith Bennet, an attorney at the law firm.

Eli Stone received positive reviews from critics for its imaginative storytelling, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes. It was praised for its ability to tackle complex legal issues while also exploring deeper questions about faith, morality, and the human condition.

Despite its critical acclaim, Eli Stone was cancelled after only two seasons due to low ratings. However, the show remains a cult favorite among fans who appreciate its unique blend of legal drama, fantasy, and spirituality.

Eli Stone is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 31, 2008.

Eli Stone
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Flight Path
13. Flight Path
July 11, 2009
Eli is convinced that one of his friends will die in a plane crash.
12. Tailspin
July 4, 2009
Eli fights for the little man against a greedy CEO whose bad decisions cost hundreds their jobs.
Mortal Combat
11. Mortal Combat
June 27, 2009
Eli and Maggie deal with the aftermath of the change in their relationship, and , while dealing with the Sonoma case, and a new man enters Maggie's life.
10. Sonoma
June 20, 2009
Eli, Matt, Taylor, and Maggie all find themselves in the small town of Sonoma, working on the same case from different sides... and dealing with the issues between them.
Two Ministers
9. Two Ministers
December 30, 2008
When Nathan asks Eli to be the minister at his wedding, Eli is forced to turn to Frank's rival to undergo the "Dark Truth" ritual and learn what his visions mean. Meanwhile, Taylor and Matt get unwanted news about their unborn child, and Keith and Eli defend a minister in a discrimination case.
Owner of a Lonely Heart
8. Owner of a Lonely Heart
December 16, 2008
While representing a Nobel Prize winner destined to find the secret of cold fusion in the future, Eli undergoes a dangerous procedure with Chen's rival acupuncturist to see if he has a future with Ashley Cardiff. Meanwhile, Taylor learns more than she wants to about her father while representing him in his divorce.
7. Help
December 9, 2008
Keith begins to doubt Angela's innocence, but Eli's vision leads him to believe she's innocent. When he understands what the vision truly means, he and Patti come to a turning point in their relationship. Meanwhile, Frank sets up Eli on a blind date, and Maggie gives advice to Matt on Taylor's pregnancy.
Happy Birthday Nate
6. Happy Birthday Nate
December 2, 2008
Eli has visions from his father's point of view of Nathan's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Taylor has news for Matt about her pregnancy, and Keith suspects Patti's daughter of using drugs.
The Humanitarian
5. The Humanitarian
November 18, 2008
Eli and Jordon have problems with regular clientele and keeping up with costs with their new firm. Eli convinces Jim Cooper, a billionaire philanthropist, to lead the case on trial drug testing. Eli is put in a difficult situation when he learns Cooper's son wants no part in the trial. Meanwhile, Keith represents Patti's daughter. while Matt and Maggie work to to find the traitor amongst their midst.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
4. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
November 11, 2008
In the aftermath of Jordan's case, the firm deals with the loss of clients. Eli attempts to convince Matt to stay with the firm, and then receives a vision that will prove critical to Maggie's upcoming wedding.
3. Unwritten
October 28, 2008
While Eli takes on a lead paint manufacturing case that may take him to the Supreme Court, Jordan is forced to defend his sanity in court. Meanwhile, Eli discovers his father's diary that contains a disturbing revelation.
2. Grace
October 21, 2008
A non-profit attorney has a mysterious fate that leads her to Eli... and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, Eli and Julie take on the case of a father who wishes to prevent his dead son from being buried with military honors.
The Path
1. The Path
October 14, 2008
After the operation, Eli appears to have lost his visions. However, when an incident with a crane puts Jordan's life in danger, it's Nathan that starts having visions that may save his life... if Eli can convince Taylor to listen.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 31, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (10,822)