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Katti Batti-2015 is a romantic comedy film which does display some sincere emotion throughout the film. Kangana Ranaut and Imram Kahn are the two main stars in this picture. The film closely follows Payal and Maddy's romantic relationship. Maddy is an successful architect who falls deeply in love with Payal. However, as time goes by the relationship begins to fall apart. It seems the spark that was once there seems to fizzle out.

Maddy originally fell in love with Payal because of her unique and very different attitude toward life in general. Payal seems to have very different attitudes and ideas about just about everything. For some strange and unexplained reason this appealed very much to Maddy.

Maddy being a successful architect seems to be a creative person by nature. This could possibly be one reason there is such a deep attraction between Payal and Maddy.

Payal always seems to hold a positive outlook toward just about everything in life. There doesn't seem to be any problem or challenge that Payal wont attempt to solve. It seems Payal never has an unhappy moment or negative thought. Again, this unique quality and attitude is more than appealing to Maddy.

In some respects, Payal may have helped Maddy excel as an architect. The positive reinforcement by Payal most certainly began to rub off on Maddy. Therefore, Maddy could not stand to be apart from Payal for a minute.

| 2015 | 2 hr 15 min | 4.9/10
Suhaas Ahuja, Vivan Bhatena, Imran Khan, Suparna Marwah
UTV Communications
Nikhil Advani
Katti Batti

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