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  • PG
  • 1990
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 3.4  (1,165)

Lambada is a drama romance film released in 1990. It stars J. Eddie Peck, Melora Hardin, Adolfo Quinones, and features a number of talented dancers. Directed by Joel Silberg, the film centers around a high school teacher named Kevin Laird (played by J. Eddie Peck) who is deeply passionate about dance. He finds himself in trouble when he gets too close to a female student, Sandy (played by Melora Hardin), who happens to be one of his best dancers as well.

The film takes place in a struggling, inner-city high school where Kevin teaches a group of talented students who are constantly being threatened by gang members. The students come from troubled backgrounds and have little hope for their future. Kevin is their only hope for a bright future, as he pushes them towards perfection, while at the same time dealing with his budding romance with Sandy.

The film has a clear, straightforward plot that follows the struggles of Kevin and Sandy's relationship, and how it affects Kevin's life. There are strong themes of prejudice and oppression, as well as the struggles of inner-city living, which makes the film feel gritty and realistic. A major focus of the film is the lambada, a provocative dance that was causing significant controversy at the time.

Lambada features various dance sequences that are reminiscent of music videos of the time, including some locations the Los Angeles River, and the famous Watts Towers. The dancing is lively and energetic, and the choreography is very well done. The Lambada dancing is beautifully portrayed, with the dancers' movements being incredibly sensual and creative.

The film's ensemble cast is also one of its strengths. J. Eddie Peck does an excellent job portraying Kevin's journey, which includes both his growth as a teacher and his personal struggles. Melora Hardin's performance is also noteworthy, as she captures Sandy's character perfectly, portraying her as a determined and passionate dancer who wants more in life. Adolfo Quinones, who plays the villainous character of Angel, was a world-renowned freestyle dancer who brought his considerable talent to the film. He does a great job portraying the angry and dangerous Angel, who threatens the lives of the students on multiple occasions.

Lambada also features an excellent soundtrack that combines Latin and contemporary pop tunes to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The music gives the dancing sequences an extra kick, and it adds an extra layer of passion to the romance between Kevin and Sandy.

Overall, Lambada is a film that has aged well over the years, and it remains an entertaining watch even today. The film offers a genuine glimpse of the inner-city life and its struggles, and it captures the spirit of dance and self-expression perfectly. Anyone who is drawn to the world of dance, or who appreciates gritty, realistic dramas, should take a look at Lambada.

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    3.4  (1,165)