Let 'Em Have It

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Three federal agents are in training to fight against gangsters. Their first assignment is an attempted kidnapping of a young socialite. The men are able to stop the kidnapping and she and one of the men fall in love. The agent that is in love with her tries to tell her that the chauffeur is responsible for the kidnapping attempt, but she does not believe it. The two are at odds with each other over the whole thing. Her younger brother also wants to join the agents in their exploits, something that the agent does not want to happen. Everything gets turned upside down and it is up to the agents to find the solution.

| 1935 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.7/10
Richard Arlen, Virginia Bruce, Alice Brady, Bruce Cabot
Reliance Pictures
Sam Wood
Produced By
Edward Small
Let 'Em Have It
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Also starring Virginia Bruce