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  • 1980
  • 6.3  (99)

Lootmaar is a Bollywood crime-comedy film from 1980 that centers around a group of friends who turn to crime to make ends meet. The film stars Dev Anand as Jimmy, a former bank employee who gets fired but decides to use his inside knowledge to pull off a daring heist. Alongside him are his friends - Pinto (Mehmood), Johnny (Raza Murad), and Ratan (Prem Chopra) - all of whom are down on their luck and struggling to pay off debts.

The film opens with Jimmy getting fired from his job at a bank. Feeling disgruntled and betrayed, he decides to take revenge by stealing the bank's money. He enlists the help of his friends, who are all too eager to join in on the plan. Together, they hatch a scheme that involves impersonating a wealthy businessman and gaining access to the bank's vault.

The first half of the film follows the gang's preparation for the heist. We see them renting a luxurious mansion, hiring a team of actors to play their relatives, and training to perfect their disguises. There are moments of slapstick comedy thrown in, particularly with Mehmood's character who never misses an opportunity to crack a joke. Tina Ambani plays the love interest of Dev Anand's character, adding a romantic subplot to the film.

The second half of the film revolves around the actual heist. The gang executes their plan with precision, but things start to go awry when the real businessman who they had impersonated shows up unexpectedly. To complicate matters further, a police officer starts to suspect foul play and begins to piece together the clues. The tension builds as the gang tries to make their escape with the stolen money.

The film's climax is thrilling and action-packed, with a series of unexpected twists that keep the audience engaged until the very end. Dev Anand's charismatic performance as Jimmy is the standout of the film, while Mehmood provides ample comic relief. The music, composed by Rajesh Roshan, is catchy and memorable, particularly the song "Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo". The film's direction by Dev Anand himself is confident and assured, making Lootmaar an enjoyable watch from start to finish.

Overall, Lootmaar is a fun, lighthearted film that blends comedy and crime caper with ease. Dev Anand's star power, paired with a talented cast and lively music, elevate the film and make it a classic of its time. Whether you're a fan of Bollywood films or simply looking for an entertaining flick to watch, Lootmaar is definitely worth a watch.

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    6.3  (99)