Love Never Dies

"The Sequel to The Phantom of the Opera"

Love Never Dies is the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera. While it debuted in London, the musical won critical acclaim in Sydney, Australia where it was turned into a film. Love Never Dies opens 10 years after the disaster in Paris. Erik has since escaped to the New World, where he's set up a dynasty on Coney Island with the help of Madame Giry and her daughter Meg. It's called Mr. Y's Phantasma, and it is a monument to the genius and skill of the phantom as an engineer, a magician, a showman and most of all a musician. However, despite all that, his life is empty without Christine. Erik's fortunes seem to take a turn when Christine, now a diva and the wife of Raoul De Chagney, comes to America with her husband and her son Gustave. It turns out that, though still nobility, Raoul lost their fortune by gambling it away, and now Christine's voice will have to earn them money. Erik invades their rooms and finds Christine, where we find that, 10 years ago, the two were lovers for one night. Erik meets Gustave, and then blackmails Christine to sing for him at his theater, promising her a king's fee if she will. She agrees, though reluctantly. Christine comes to Mr. Y's circus and encounters the Giry's. While they're reminiscing Erik takes Gustave on a tour of the freak show. He reveals his face, terrifying the boy. Christine reveals that Gustvave is the phantom's son, and then agrees to sing for him. Later, a drunken Raoul makes a bet with Erik that Christine will leave with him rather than sing. Christine does sing though, and Raoul leaves her with Erik. However, Meg has kidnapped Gustave to get Erik's attention, intent on committing suicide for being ignored. Erik talks her down, but the gun goes off, killing Christine. Before she dies, she reveals to Gustave his father's identity.

| 2012 | 2 hr 1 min | 7.1/10
Simon Phillips, Brett Sullivan
Love Never Dies

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