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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 5.2  (94)

Ma Chu Ka is a 2017 Indian thriller film directed by Jayan Vannery, starring Pasupathy, Janani Iyer, and Prathap Pothen. The film revolves around a police officer, Ma Chun (Pasupathy), who is on a mission to catch the murderer of his colleague and friend, Ka (Prathap Pothen). The story is set in a small town in Kerala, where Ma Chun is posted as the new police officer after his transfer from a different department. He soon learns about Ka's murder, which happened before his arrival. Ma Chun vows to bring justice to his friend's death and starts investigating the case.

The investigation leads Ma Chun to a young couple, Kaif and Aathira (played by Balaji and Janani Iyer). They are highly suspicious and become the prime suspects. However, Ma Chun's investigation takes a sudden turn when he realizes that these two are not the people he should be looking for.

Ma Chun's dedication to his job and his push to uncover the truth, putting his life at risk, creates a high-tension narrative throughout the movie. As the investigation proceeds, the twists and turns in the story will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The characters are beautifully portrayed with their layers of emotions, expressions, and motives. Pasupathy, as Ma Chun, has played the character impeccably, and his performance will leave an indelible impression on the viewers' minds. Janani Iyer, who played Aathira, has also given a remarkable performance. Her portrayal of fear, anxiety, and innocence was remarkable, and her acting skills were well displayed in the movie.

The movie's direction by Jayan Vannery is up to the mark. He managed to keep the audience interested from the beginning to the end of the story. The screenplay has been written exceptionally well, and there are no loose ends in the script.

The movie's climax is breathtaking, leaving the viewers with a sense of ambiguity regarding what is right and what is wrong. The ending is not what anyone could have predicted, and it is exceptionally well executed.

The cinematography by Alby is spectacular, capturing every emotion and expression of the characters brilliantly. The music, composed by Gopi Sundar, is just right for the movie and fits the mood of the scenes.

In conclusion, Ma Chu Ka is an outstanding thriller movie that keeps its viewers engaged from the beginning to the end. It has everything a good thriller movie needs, an engaging storyline, well-portrayed characters, exceptional direction, breathtaking climax, and fantastic music. If you are looking for a thriller movie to watch this weekend, Ma Chu Ka is highly recommended.

Ma Chu Ka
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 58 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (94)