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"Sshhh… The country is asleep"
  • NR
  • 2016
  • 7.6  (14,897)

Madaari is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged Indian drama film directed by Nishikant Kamat. Released in 2016, the movie stars Irrfan Khan as the lead character, Nirmal Kumar, along with Jimmy Shergill who plays the role of an investigating officer named Nachiket Verma. Vishesh Bansal, a child actor, also appears in a prominent role as Rohan, the son of Mr. Kumar.

The movie revolves around a tragic incident where a major bridge in Mumbai collapses, killing several people. The bridge collapse occurs due to negligence on the part of the government and the private constructor who built it. Nirmal, a common man and a single father, loses his son Rohan in this disaster. The film explores the aftermath of this tragic event and the path that Nirmal takes to seek justice for his son and those adversely affected by the corruption and greed of the authorities.

The film primarily follows Nirmal's journey of finding his son's whereabouts and the harsh realities that he faces while searching for answers. During his search, he comes across a boy who was illegally detained and decides to help him seek justice. In his effort to expose the corrupt system, Nirmal also kidnaps the Home Minister's son, demanding immediate action on the tragedy that occurred. This incident puts him at odds with the police who consider him a terrorist and a threat to national security. Nachiket Verma, the officer tasked with bringing Nirmal to justice, begins to question the motives of his superiors in this case which leads him to discover the truth about the bridge collapse.

The movie is a poignant reflection of the Indian society's flaws, specifically in the infrastructure and government sectors. The corrupt system and the indifferent attitude of those in power are shown through the plight of the common man who is left to suffer due to these inadequacies. The film also highlights the consequences of negligence and how it can lead to disastrous consequences as shown in the bridge collapse incident.

One of the strong points of the movie is the brilliant acting by all the actors involved, especially Irrfan Khan's performance as Nirmal Kumar. He delivers a stellar performance as a grieving father who seeks answers and resolution in a flawed system. Vishesh Bansal, playing the role of Rohan, has also delivered an outstanding performance for a child actor. Jimmy Shergill as the police officer, who remains calm and composed even under pressure, has also given an impressive performance.

The film's cinematography captures the essence of Mumbai and is beautifully shot, depicting both the beauty and the ugliness of the city. The movie's pace is well suited to the plot, as it constantly keeps the audience engaged with its unfolding storyline. The movie's background score is another highlight, and its emotive power lends depth and gravitas to the narrative.

In conclusion, Madaari is a well-crafted movie that portrays the harsh realities of Indian society. A compelling narrative, top-notch performances by the actors, and great cinematography make it a must-watch for lovers of Indian cinema.

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