Making Love

"A provocative tale of hidden desire"
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Making Love is the 1982 romantic drama about a married couple dealing with the fallout of his closeted homosexuality. Zach Elliot (Michael Ontkean) is a successful doctor who has been married to his television executive wife Claire (Kate Jackson) for eight years. All seems well in his happy and financially secure relationship until Zach realizes his attraction to other men. Although Zach begins cruising gay bars and clubs, he lacks the nerve to go through with sex.

Bart McGuire (Harry Hamlin), an openly gay man, comes to Zach for a checkup. Bart is single, and has no desire to be tied down to any person. He has multiple sex partners that he uses strictly for at the moment gratification and one night stands. Zach and Bart's instant attraction to on another leads to a lunch date. After a sexual encounter with Bart, his relationship with Claire begins to go downhill. Zach avoids Claire by working late and lying about his whereabouts. His relationship with Bart continues but he soon realizes that it won't last long due to Bart's inability or desire be in a committed relationship.

Claire is suspicious that something is wrong, but she is clueless to Zach's hidden homosexuality. After much pressing, Zach finally reveals his true desires to be with men. Claire doesn't take the news well, but insists she can handle it if the marriage can be salvaged. Zach has reached the point of no return and is insistent on ending his marriage to Clair so that he can live his life as a gay man. Clair reluctantly agrees to end the marriage, and Zach leaves Los Angeles for a job in New York.

Five years later, Zach and Claire meet again at the funeral of an old friend. Zach is in a stable relationship with his partner, and Claire has remarried and has a young son. The duo exchange pleasantries after the funeral and part ways.

| 1982 | 1 hr 53 min | 6.8/10
Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson, Harry Hamlin, Wendy Hiller
Arthur Hiller
Produced By
Alan J. Adler, Daniel Melnick
Making Love
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