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Tobruk is a World War II drama film directed by Arthur Hiller and released in 1967. The movie is set in the year 1942, and it follows a group of Allied soldiers on a mission to destroy a German fuel depot located at the Libyan port city of Tobruk. The movie stars Rock Hudson as Major Donald Craig, an American officer assigned to lead a group of commandos on the mission to Tobruk. George Peppard plays Captain Bergman, a German soldier who defects to the Allies and assists them in the mission. Nigel Green portrays Sergeant Major Tammy Tamsworth, a British soldier who provides valuable assistance to the group.

The movie opens with Major Craig assembling his team of commandos, which includes soldiers from the United States, Britain, and Australia. The group is given the task of infiltrating Tobruk and destroying the German fuel depot, which is crucial to the enemy's war efforts.

The journey to Tobruk is fraught with danger, and the group faces several challenges on their way. They have to cross miles of desert, avoid enemy patrols, and navigate through minefields. The soldiers bond over their shared experiences and form close friendships along the way.

As they approach Tobruk, the group realizes that the mission is going to be much more complicated than they had anticipated. The city is heavily fortified, and the Germans have bolstered their defenses with a large number of troops and artillery. To make matters worse, the group has to go up against the infamous Desert Fox, General Rommel himself.

Despite the odds, Major Craig and his team enter Tobruk and carry out their mission. However, they soon discover that the Germans are planning a counter-attack, and they have to fight for their survival against overwhelming odds.

One of the highlights of the movie is the relationship between Major Craig and Captain Bergman. The two men are on opposite sides of the war, but they develop a mutual respect for each other as they work together towards a common goal. Hudson and Peppard's performances are particularly noteworthy, and they bring a great deal of depth and nuance to their characters.

Another standout performance comes from Nigel Green, who plays Sergeant Major Tamsworth. He provides much-needed comic relief in an otherwise tense and dramatic film. Tamsworth is a larger-than-life character, and Green steals every scene he's in.

The film boasts impressive action sequences, including a large-scale battle scene that showcases Hiller's skill as a director. The combat scenes are well choreographed, and the use of real tanks and other military vehicles adds to the realism of the film.

One of the themes of the movie is the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers in wartime. The Allied soldiers risk their lives to complete their mission, and the movie pays homage to their courage and dedication. The film also highlights the futility of war, and the toll it takes on those who fight in it.

Tobruk is an entertaining and well-made World War II film that's worth watching. The performances are excellent, the action is thrilling, and the story is compelling. Hiller's direction is top-notch, and he creates a compelling and immersive atmosphere that transports viewers to the harsh desert landscape of North Africa. Overall, Tobruk is a must-watch for fans of war movies and anyone looking for a thrilling and engaging cinematic experience.

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