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"The Red Phone... His Mistress... Her Rival... Hurling Him to the Edge of Space... Freezing Her Love on the Edge of Time!"
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  • 1963
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A Gathering of Eagles is a 1963 military drama film directed by Delbert Mann and starring Rock Hudson, Rod Taylor, and Mary Peach. The film tells the story of General Frank Savage (Hudson), a strict and uncompromising Air Force officer who is sent to take command of a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base in California. Savage is tasked with turning the base into a model of efficiency and discipline while dealing with personal and professional challenges.

The movie begins with Savage arriving at the base, where he is met with resistance from the current base commander, Colonel Jim Caldwell (Taylor). Caldwell is an intelligent but laidback officer who has grown too comfortable in his position and is initially resistant to Savage's strict leadership style. Savage sees Caldwell's complacency as a threat to the readiness of his SAC bombers and quickly assumes control of the base.

As Savage works to transform the base, he is confronted with a number of personal challenges. His marriage is strained due to his dedication to his job, and his wife (Peach) is growing increasingly frustrated with his absence from their family life. Additionally, Savage is dealing with a strained relationship with his son, who is rebelling against his strict upbringing.

Despite these personal challenges, Savage remains dedicated to his job and determined to lead his men to success. He spends long hours on the base, working with his staff to ensure the SAC bombers are always ready for combat. As tensions with the Soviet Union rise, Savage and his men must be prepared to launch their bombers at a moment's notice.

The film features a number of tense moments as the men on the base work to ensure their readiness. At one point, the base is put on high alert when a Soviet bomber is detected heading towards the US coastline. Savage and his men work frantically to prepare their own bombers for takeoff, while tensions run high and nerves are frayed.

In addition to the military drama, A Gathering of Eagles also explores the personal struggles of its characters. Savage is a complex and flawed character, dedicated to his job to the point of neglecting his family. The film also touches on themes of loyalty and sacrifice, as the men on the base work to ensure the safety of their country at great personal risk.

The performances in the film are strong, with Hudson delivering a powerful portrayal of a man torn between his duty and his family. Taylor brings nuance to his role as the easygoing Caldwell, and Peach delivers a poignant performance as Savage's frustrated wife.

Overall, A Gathering of Eagles is a well-crafted military drama that explores themes of duty, sacrifice, and personal struggle. The film's tense moments of military action are balanced with poignant depictions of personal relationships, making it a thoughtful and engaging film.

A Gathering of Eagles
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