Miracle Dogs

"Sometimes life can be littered with little miracles"
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This film is based off the inspirational movie, Annie. This family friendly animal movie is about a boy who befriends a dog. Just after moving to Cleveland, he quickly decides that he wants to help shelter dogs. The boy tries to find permanent homes for abandoned pets, but one catches his affections. A friendly, three-legged dog named, Annie, will change his life forever. He learns the value of love and friendship. He knows that a puppy has a healing affect on people. Witness this boy and his pet bond as they try to find homes for the other lost and abandoned animals.

| 2003 | 2 hr | 5.6/10
Kate Jackson, Ted Shackelford, Alana Austin, Stacy Keach
Craig Clyde
Miracle Dogs
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Also starring Ted Shackelford