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"A comedy of hopes and schemes."
  • PG-13
  • 1986
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 7.1  (2,801)

Malcolm, a 1986 Australian film, directed by Nadia Tass, tells the story of an eccentric and brilliant young inventor, Malcolm, who lives in a cramped suburban house with his sister, Annie, and her lover, Frank. The movie begins with Malcolm's fascination with all things mechanical; he has a keen ability to dismantle and reconstruct things, turning them into exciting new inventions. His sister Annie works as a hairdresser to earn money while Frank, her boyfriend, is jobless and constantly bickering with Malcolm.

One day, Malcolm lands a job designing and constructing a robot for a businessman named Mr. Carlson. Together with his oddball friends, a pair of electrical tinkerers, Keenan and Judith, Malcolm builds the robot, which turns out to be a huge success. However, Malcolm soon realizes that his creations could be used for criminal activities - like robbing banks- and he becomes deeply troubled about it.

The story delves into Malcolm's relationship with his sister, Frank, the crooks and Mr. Carlton- all of which contribute to his character arc. Malcolm faces his own fears and doubts, and uses his inventiveness to become his own man.

One of the film's most significant themes is the importance of friendship and solidarity. Malcolm is able to utilize his relationships with Annie, Frank, Keenan, and Judith to help him overcome difficult obstacles in his life. Friendship is an integral part of the film, and it is the supportive relationships that make Malcolm's world a better place.

Throughout the movie, we witness great character development from Malcolm as he learns about life, love, and betrayal. His exceptional abilities and remarkable intelligence uncover opportunities, helping him attract friends who ultimately help him build the beloved robot. But the fame and success that seem to come with the invention are flawed, as they are intertwined with the criminal activities of his client. The movie is a balance between Malcolm's comedic genius and his sympathetic heart.

The performances delivered by the cast are captivating- from Colin Friels' charisma as Malcolm to John Hargreaves' portrayal of Frank. Lindy Davies brought warmth and humor to the character of Annie. The characters' chemistry on-screen amplifies the accessible humor of the script, making the movie a delightful watch filled with laughter, passion, and delight.

The cinematography of the movie features heavy use of close-up shots, bringing an intimate feel to the film. It adds to the audience's emotional investment in the film's numerous relationships. The lighting of the scenes also deserves special mention as it effectively creates the subdued but warm atmosphere of the suburban neighborhood where Malcolm lives.

The movie's soundtrack is also a noteworthy aspect, with great use of musical scores composed by the British musician, Simon Jeffes. The soundtrack is a mix of whimsical and energetic pieces that blend well with the movie's themes.

Overall, Malcolm is a charming and intelligent comedic drama that provides humor and warmth. The story is touching, and the characters are immediately lovable, though still complex in nature. It is a true testament to the power of ingenuity, friendship, and loyal support. The movie resonates with audiences of all ages, and its clever writing and memorable moments ensure that it remains a classic of Australia's cinema.

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    7.1  (2,801)