The Big Steal

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The movie The Big Steal is mainly focused around a young man named Danny Clark who has a profound love for jaguars, as well as a secret love for the beautiful Joanna Johnson. However, Danny Clark will have to do things he never thought he would do to get his dream car and that perfect girl. In this movie, Danny receives a Nissan Cedric from his parents, which he ultimately decides to trade in for a Jaguar. Unfortunately, he goes to a shady car salesman named Gordon Farkas who trades him a jaguar with a bad engine. To impress the girl he loves, Danny decides to rob a good motor from this shady salesman, with Joanna riding shot gun.

1990 | 1 hr 39 min | 7.0/10
Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan, Marshall Napier, Damon Herriman
Nadia Tass
Produced By
Nadia Tass, David Parker
The Big Steal
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