Man On A Tight Rope

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This is a thriller movie about the dangerous plans to escape from behind the Iron Curtain. A circus owner craves the freedom of the West. He lives behind the Iron Curtain and runs a circus. He takes three years to plan the perfect escape. His plans are to take his entire circus with him. Just before he gets his circus to the border, he is interrogated by the Secret Police. Believing he has been betrayed by one of his employees, he now truly understands the danger he faces.

The call of freedom can have the most powerful pull on those without it. This circus owner will dare to take his chance.

| 1953 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.6/10
Cliff Robertson, Joel Grey, Dorothy Tristan, Elizabeth Wilson
Elia Kazan
Produced By
Robert L. Jacks, Gerd Oswald
Man On A Tight Rope
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Also starring Joel Grey