"Sentenced to 23 years-and he won't accept one day of it"
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McVicar is a British biographical urban crime drama movie that was written by director Tom Clegg and John McVicar. The movie features singers and actors Roger Daltrey and Adam Faith as well as Cheryl Campbell. The film follows the real life John McVicar who was a small time hood and armed robber in England. The story starts with McVicar on parole after he has gone partway through a jail sentence of 8 years.

While out on parole, he is caught in the commission of another crime and sentenced to an additional 15 years over the 8 he must already serve. This means he will have been in prison for over 20 years before he is released. After being transferred to a higher security prison, he becomes involved in various other riots and misdemeanors.

McVicar’s experiences in Durham prison are detailed where he faces increasingly challenging situations among the prison officers and convicts who are dangerously antagonistic.

Prison officers routinely brutalize the convicts to the point that they riot and take over the E wing of the institute. Despite the chaos, they wind up presenting their case to authorities, issuing demands for improvements.

McVicar tires of his treatment in jail. He and another prisoner named Wally Probyn (played by Adam Faith) devise a scheme through a tunnel out of the prison. They work each night, risking exposure daily. Finally, they get out through the jail’s roof after a great deal of effort.

Scotland Yard designates McVicar as Public Enemy Number One and ordered him to be pursued and brought back, dead or alive.

After McVicar escapes, he goes on the lam in London. He attempts to re-establish relationships with his child and romantic partner. His child, however, does not even remember him. He finally decides to change his life around and end his life of crime. He later wrote about his violent past and prison experiences in the 1960s.

| 1980 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.8/10
Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith, Cheryl Campbell, Billy Murray
Tom Clegg
Produced By
Roy Baird, Bill Curbishley, Roger Daltrey
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