Micki and Maude

"Micki was the only woman he ever wanted to marry. Until he met Maude. So, he did what any honorable man would do. He married them both."

Rob loves his wife Micki, but he also adores his other wife, Maude. Rob, a TV reporter has always longed to become a dad, but wife No. 1, Micki, in the running for a judgeship, wanted to delay having kids. When he meets Maude, a cellist, during an interview, their affair leads to her pregnancy. Rob, overjoyed, marries Maude and plans to leave Micki. Before he can, Micki announces she’s also with child. The bumbling father-to-be has gotten himself into quite a pickle. Now he must keep the wives from finding out about each other in this map-cap comedy.

| 1984 | 1 hr 58 min | 5.9/10
Blake Edwards
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Micki and Maude