Millions Like Us

Millions Like Us is a 1943 British film. It was one of numerous propaganda films made during World War II to support the war effort. The theme of the movie was to give the public a look inside life at an aircraft factory during wartime. The story focuses on a young girl named Cellia Crowson who is called up for service. She is stationed at a local factory making airplane parts. She is disappointed at first because she had hoped to join the WAAF. She eventually falls in love with a young flight sergeant and the movie focuses on the young couple trying to maintain a relationship during wartime. This is an interesting movie that explores life on the home front during the war.

| 1943 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.9/10
Patricia Roc, Gordon Jackson, Anne Crawford, Moore Marriott
General Film Distributors
Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder
Millions Like Us
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Also starring Patricia Roc