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"The only thing they have in common... is each other."
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Moment by Moment is a dramatic romance that was written by and directed by Jane Wagner for Universal Pictures. The movie features Lily Tomlin and John Travolta in the title roles. The story follows Trish (played by Lily Tomlin) who is a 38 year old emotionally frigid woman who is quite wealthy. However, she has a very empty love life and has gone through a divorce. Her life is devoid of much in the way of love besides her beloved dog. She is clearly upset over her divorce and gets very emotional when she has discussions with her ex.

She meets a young drifter and hustler called Strip (played by John Travolta) at the Schwab’s Pharmacy near Malibu. When she is unable to renew a sleeping pill prescription, Strip finds her at her beach mansion and offers her a bottle of reds to help her to get a good night’s sleep.

Even though Trish thinks he has left for good, Strip keeps coming back to check on her and make small talk. He is clearly from the bad side of town and hangs out with many nefarious people in Hollywood. He tells her about his friend Greg who is in jail, which seems to appall, yet still intrigue Trish.

Though her first instinct is to get rid of him, Trish indulges the hunk with attention and lunch. She also offers to repair his friend's vehicle, where Strip happens to be living when he is not staying in a trashy room on Hollywood Boulevard.

After a lonely and rainy night, the two find themselves alone and cannot resist the temptation to sleep together. From this point, they have a rocky relationship as Trish is ashamed of him and not willing to let her friends know about their relationship. Finally, she resolves that she loves him and decides not to care about what others think.

| 1978 | 1 hr 44 min | 2.9/10
Lily Tomlin, John Travolta, Andra Akers, Bert Kramer
Jane Wagner

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