Montenegro is a Swedish black comedy film that was written by Branko Vucicevic, Donald Arthur and Dusan Makavejev who also directed. The film features Susan Anspach, Per Oscarsson and Erland Josephson. Marilyn Jordan (played by Susan Anspach) leaves a very comfortable life where the only interesting thing that occurs is her old grandfather trying to find a new bride in the local newspaper.

Marilyn is completely bored and depressed, though married to a wealthy Swedish businessman, Martin (played by Erland Josephson). They have two children who appear well adjusted. Their world consists of practical and sterile creature comforts that form a backdrop of frustration for her.

She attempts to kick up some dust by eating an entire family dinner, setting the sheets afire and then poisoning their dog's milk. As a result, Martin has her see a psychiatrist which only frustrates her more.

Marilyn goes with her husband on a business trip. She is detained by airport security and misses her plane. She meets up with a group of gypsies and goes to their club called Zanzi-Bar. On the way, she has taken a picture with a man who has a knife in his head and has sat with sheep in the backseat.

At the club, Marilyn is exposed to their surreal existence of fighting, stripteases and open sex. At this disgraceful club, she witnesses a shy farm girl forced to turn into an exotic dancer. In this place, Marxism and excess abound, a toy U.S. Army tank with a large vibrator mounted upon it.

She also finds herself very attracted to a sexually strong peasant and has a steamy affair with this guy called Montenegro (played by Svetozar Cvetkovic) - a local zookeeper. After she spends the night with Montenegro, Marilyn comes to the realization that she remains a stranger in this new world she has embraced.

In a panic, Marilyn murders the man she had the fling with, going home. She serves the family a very nice dinner with fruit, which turns out to be full of poison.

| 1981 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.8/10
Susan Anspach, Erland Josephson, Marianne Jacobi, Jamie Marsh
Atlantic Releasing Corporation
Dusan Makavejev
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