Mr. Majestyk

"He didn't want to be hero... until the day they pushed him too far."

A quiet, simple watermelon farmer, Majestyk has hired migrant workers to pick his crop, but when he and his crew arrive they find a small time hood, named Bobby Kopas has already gathered men from the local towns to pick his melons. In a classic parlay, Majestyk first politely askes them to leave, but when Kopas pulls out a shotgun. Majestyl makes a statement and Kopas and his boys leave. Then Kopas, humiliated, goes to the local police and has Majestyk arrested. In jail Majestyk meets a notorious hit man named Frank Randa. Randa has his men try to break him from jail, and in a botched attempt Majestyk holds all the cards and in the end it becomes a standoff between Majestyk and Randa.

| 1974 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.8/10
Richard Fleischer
Mr. Majestyk

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