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  • 1931
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My Past is a 1931 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Bebe Daniels, Lewis Stone, and Ben Lyon. The movie was produced by Joseph M. Schenck for United Artists. The plot revolves around Barbara Manning (Bebe Daniels), who is a successful Hollywood actress caught up in a scandalous past. Barbara has a deep, dark secret that she has been keeping for a long time. She was convinced that she had killed a man in self-defense before she became a famous actress. She carries the weight of this secret with her, and it's starting to take a toll on her mental health as well as her career.

Barbara decides to take a break from her busy life in Hollywood and go back to her old neighborhood where the crime occurred. She tries to retrace her steps and relive the events that led to that fateful night. Along the way, she reunites with her old flame, Jerry Stafford (Ben Lyon), who was the district attorney at the time of the crime. He had always been in love with her and had promised to protect her no matter what.

Jerry tries to help Barbara get over her fears and come to terms with her past. He also tries to help her clear her name by finding evidence that could prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Barbara's husband, Paul (Lewis Stone), who is also her co-star, starts to get jealous of her closeness with Jerry.

As the story unfolds, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they witness Barbara's struggle to overcome her past and move forward with her life. There are moments of tension, romance, and heartbreak that keep the audience engaged until the very end. The movie ends with a surprising twist that leaves the viewers questioning what they thought they knew about the characters and their motivations.

The performances of the actors in My Past are commendable. Daniels delivers a powerful and nuanced portrayal of a woman haunted by her past. She brings depth to the character and makes the audience empathize with her struggles. Lyon also shines in his role as the devoted lover trying to help the woman he loves. His natural charm and charisma make him a delight to watch on screen. Lastly, Stone delivers a solid performance as the jealous husband who is torn between his love for his wife and his own insecurities.

The film's direction by Roy Del Ruth is also noteworthy. He has a keen eye for capturing the emotions of the characters and creating a mood that complements the story. The cinematography by J. Roy Hunt is equally impressive, with its stylish camera angles and use of light and shadows.

Overall, My Past is a gripping film that explores themes of guilt, redemption, and love. It is a tale of one woman's journey to face her demons and find solace in the arms of the man who has always loved her. The film is a must-watch for fans of classic Hollywood cinema and anyone who appreciates a good drama.

My Past
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