Never Love a Stranger

"RAW and VIOLENT as the book that sold 3,000,000 SIZZLING copies!"
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Frankie Kane grew up in a Catholic orphanage believing that he was a Catholic. Along the way, he meets a young law student named Martin Cabell. Frankie and Martin’s sister fall in love with each other, but when Frankie finds out he is really Jewish, it sends him over the edge. He gets very angry over having been lied to all his life and when he grows up, he decides to become a gangster. When he returns home after being away for a long time, he runs into his old love. Her brother is now trying to bring down the mob and Frankie must make a life-altering decision.

Not Rated
| 1958 | 1 hr 31 min | 5.4/10
John Drew Barrymore, Lita Milan, Robert Bray, Steve McQueen
Robert Stevens
Produced By
Richard Day, Peter Gettinger, Harold Robbins
Never Love a Stranger
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Also starring John Drew Barrymore