No My Darling Daughter

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No My Darling Daughter is a 1961 British comedy. The movie spoofs the generation gap between parents and teenagers. The story is about wealthy businessman Sir Michael Carr and his teenage daughter Tansy. Carr’s friend General Henry Barclay has a similar problem with his son Thomas. Tansy meets an American teenager named Cornelius, and the two teens soon get into trouble. Tansy goes on a camping trip with General Barclay and Thomas, and she secretly invites Cornelius. The two teens disappear, and Thomas grudgingly has to search for them.

1961 | 1 hr 37 min | 6.2/10
Michael Redgrave, Michael Craig, Roger Livesey, James Westmoreland
Ralph Thomas
Produced By
Betty E. Box
No My Darling Daughter
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