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"One foot in the door. The other one in the gutter."
  • R
  • 1995
  • 6.5  (2,589)

Palookaville is a 1995 film directed by Alan Taylor and starring William Forsythe, Vincent Gallo, and Adam Trese. The movie tells the story of three close friends, Russell (Forsythe), Sid (Gallo), and Jerry (Trese), who are struggling to make ends meet and find a way to start a better life for themselves. The three friends live in an impoverished part of New Jersey, and they spend their days working dead-end jobs and dreaming of a way out. Russell is a security guard at a factory, Sid works at a gas station, and Jerry works in a grocery store. They are all frustrated with their lives and feel that they are not living up to their potential.

One day, the three friends decide to try their luck at a heist. They plan to rob a local jewelry store and make enough money to start a new life. The plan is risky, and there are many obstacles to overcome, but they are determined to see it through.

As the three friends prepare for the heist, they begin to experience doubts and fears. Russell is reluctant to commit a crime, and Sid is worried about the consequences. Jerry, who is the most desperate for money, is determined to go through with the plan, despite the risks.

The heist does not go as planned, and the friends find themselves in trouble with the law. They are forced to go on the run and try to make a clean break. However, their troubles are far from over, and they must navigate through a series of challenges and difficult situations.

Throughout the film, the three friends are shown to be loyal to each other and willing to do whatever it takes to help each other out. Despite their flaws and mistakes, they remain steadfast in their friendship and support each other in their times of need.

The film is a character study of three men who are struggling to find their place in the world. It is a gritty and realistic portrayal of life in a working-class neighbourhood and the challenges that come with trying to break free from poverty.

The performances of the three lead actors are excellent, particularly William Forsythe, who portrays Russell with nuance and depth. Vincent Gallo's portrayal of Sid is also noteworthy, and Adam Trese's performance as Jerry is convincing.

The film is well-paced and engaging, with a strong script that keeps the audience invested in the lives of the characters. The cinematography captures the mood and atmosphere of the film, and the soundtrack adds to the overall tone of the movie.

Overall, Palookaville is a thought-provoking and engaging film that explores the lives of three friends from a working-class neighbourhood. It is a story of dreams, loyalty, and the struggles that come with trying to break free from poverty. The film is well worth watching for anyone who enjoys character-driven dramas.

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