Passion of Mind

"What if you had two lives at once. What if you knew that one life took place only in your dreams. What if you didn't know which life was real."
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Marie is a single mother who lives with her children in a small town in France, while Marty is a businesswoman who lives in New York City. Marty desires to move to Europe and live a more quiet life. However, both women are convinced that the other is a figment of their imagination. Marie and Marty are left to distinguish between what is real and fake as well as struggle to learn the core of who they truly are. Passion of Mind explores the importance of identity and how perception can alter the course of events in an individual's life.

| 2000 | 1 hr 45 min | 5.5/10 | 28/100
Eloise Eonnet, Hadrian Dagannaud-Brouard, Chaya Cuénot, Demi Moore
Alain Berliner
Produced By
Gary Lucchesi, Ronald Bass, Carole Scotta, Tom Rosenberg
Passion of Mind
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Also directed by Alain Berliner