Prem Rog

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Prem Rog is based on an intense romantic plot, and the main protagonists are Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapuri. The film is a love story of a pampered daughter (Manorama aka Padmini Kolhapuri) of a wealthy family and a poor man (Rishi Kapoor aka Devdhar ) that grasps the viewers till end. Devdhar was sponsored for higher education by the grandfather of Manorama. He completes his higher education and returns to his native village. Manorama and Devdhar become friends and develop a deep bond of trust and understanding. But Devdhar takes his feeling beyond friendship and falls in love with her. Devdhar’s feeling for Manorama was discovered by his sister Radha, and she became worried and decided to warn her brother. She tried to persuade Devdhar to refrain from his feeling warning him of the consequences that would arise because of the status difference between the two families. She desperately tried to persuade her brother to get married with someone belonging to the same social and financial status. But Devdhar wanted to marry Manorama.

In the mean time Manorama’s marriage was being finalized with a rich family, which made her happy and contended. Thus, Devdhar decided to hide his feelings. The happy marriage of Manorama would soon end with her husband’s death. But her suffering would not end. Manorama still continued to live in in-laws house until she was raped by her brother in law which shattered her from within. Manorama finally returned to her paternal home to face even more difficulties as a widow bestowed by her aunt. She continued to live a life of agony.

This made Devdhar, who still had feelings for Manorama, to desperately bring back happiness in Manorama’s depressed and tortured life.But little did he know that Manorama had a dark secret, which if disclosed would have grave consequences and bloodshed. The turning point in the movie reached its zenith in the second half of the movie.

1982 | 3 hr 3 min | 7.2/10
Shammi Kapoor, Nanda, Tanuja, Vijayendra Ghatge
Raj Kapoor
Produced By
Raj Kapoor
Prem Rog
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