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  • 1966
  • 7.5  (1,308)

Teesri Manzil, a musical thriller released in 1966, features the dynamic actor Shammi Kapoor alongside the stunning Asha Parekh. Directed by Vijay Anand, the film is known for its foot-tapping music and gripping storyline that keeps the audience hooked until the end. Set in the scenic hill station of Mussoorie, the film follows the tale of a woman named Ruby (Parekh) who arrives at the Royal Hotel, seeking to unravel the mystery surrounding her sister's death. The hotel is owned by a wealthy man, Maharaj (Premnath), who employs his nephew Rocky (Kapoor) as the lead singer at his club. Rocky is a suave, charming young man with a penchant for romance, and when he sets his sights on Ruby, their whirlwind love story takes centre stage.

However, the film is not just a love story but also a mystery-thriller. When the police investigations regarding Ruby's sister's death lead to a dead-end, Ruby takes it upon herself to delve deeper. It is then that she discovers that her sister had a connection with the Royal Hotel and had attended one of Rocky's performances on the night of her death.

As Ruby continues to dig deeper, she realizes that there is a bigger conspiracy at play. With the help of Rocky and his friends, she uncovers a web of lies and deceit that threatens to endanger their lives. Will Ruby be able to solve the murder mystery and bring the culprits to justice?

Apart from the thrilling storyline, Teesri Manzil is best known for its music. The film boasts of some of the most iconic songs of the 60s such as "O Haseena Zulfon Wali," "Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera,' and "Deewana Mujhsa Nahin". The music is composed by the legendary R.D. Burman, and the lyrics are penned by the prolific Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Shammi Kapoor gives a stellar performance as Rocky. He is charming, suave, and effortlessly cool. His dancing skills are showcased to the fullest in the songs, and he oozes chemistry with Asha Parekh. Asha Parekh also gives a commendable performance as Ruby. She is fierce, determined, and has a heart of gold. Her chemistry with Shammi Kapoor is electrifying, and their romance is a major highlight of the film.

The supporting cast of the film also gives remarkable performances. Raj Mehra plays the role of the investigating police officer, and his scenes with Asha Parekh are intense and gripping. Premnath is excellent as the wealthy Maharaj, who is hiding a deadly secret. Helen, who is known for her iconic dance numbers in Hindi cinema, has a brief but memorable role as the club dancer.

Overall, Teesri Manzil is a must-watch for lovers of Hindi cinema. The film has everything - romance, drama, suspense, and fantastic music. It is a perfect representation of the golden era of Bollywood, and the charm of Shammi Kapoor makes it all the more special. The climax of the film is a nail-biting affair that will leave audiences at the edge of their seats. Teesri Manzil is a timeless classic that continues to charm viewers even today.

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