Kala Bazar

"The Black Market"
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This motion picture tells a tale of a love longing to be expressed, but having the misfortune of time not it's side. Raghuvir is a black market criminal who has always relied on his less than reputable business transactions to accumulate large sums of wealth. However, after meeting a woman that he positively cannot get out of his mind, Raghuvir decides to drop his criminal lifestyle and attempt a normal lifestyle in it's place. However, one thing preventing their love from flourishing is the recent arrest of Raghuvir. Now, he is relying on the help of a criminal defense team to assist with getting him out of the court's spotlight.

1960 | | 7.3/10
Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Nanda, Vijay Anand
Vijay Anand
Produced By
Dev Anand
Kala Bazar
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Also starring Waheeda Rehman