Quo Vadis

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A soldier under the reign of Nero falls in love with a slave who is a Christian. As he grows more and more infatuated with her, he begins to actually listen to what she has to say about Jesus Christ and how he changed her outlook on life. As a result of her unusual and uplifting perspective, the once-loyal soldier starts to have his doubts about the bloodthirsty emperor. Going up against such an authority is an extremely dangerous proposition that could easily cost him his life, but he realizes that there may be something even more important at stake.

| 1985 | | 6.7/10
Klaus Maria Brandauer, Frederic Forrest, Cristina Raines, Barbara De Rossi
Franco Rossi
Produced By
Elio Scardamaglia, Francesco Scardamaglia
Quo Vadis
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Also starring Frederic Forrest