Red Siren

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The Red Siren is a French crime thriller movie that was released in theaters in 2002. The movie follows the life of Alice, a young girl on the cusp of turning 13. Alice goes to a local police stations and tells the police that her mother Eva. is a murderer who savagely killed their maid. The police do not believe the girl's story and tell her to go home.

Alice flees France and goes to Portugal where her father, who is supposed to be dead is rumored to be. Eva, Alice's mother is a leader of a criminal organization and sends her thugs to bring back her daughter. Alice makes some allies while fleeing to Portugal. A former gang member decides to help the girl out and protect her, and a police officer on the case decides to investigate the matter further on her own to see who Alice's mother truly is.

| 2002 | 1 hr 58 min
Jean-Marc Barr, Asia Argento and Frances Barber
Olivier Megaton
Red Siren
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