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This comedy film centers around a family owned and operated summer camp named Camp Bear Claw that is operated by two of the sons; Tim and David Appleorchard. When their greedy brother decides he wants to take over operation of the camp the brothers must spring into action. The brother who wants to take over the camp is named Brandon and he resorts to diabolical and mischievous methods to achieve his goal. Fans of situation comedies will certainly appreciate this fast-paced movie which offers plenty of humorous moments. Tim and David Appleorchard are on a quest to earn their first Tiger Scout merit badges before they turn 30 years old. The family decides that If they do so they will retain control of the camp. If they fail to earn their merit badges by the designated time their mean-spirited brother will take over the camp. Camp Bear Claw is a large expanse of land that contains open meadows, bodies of water, forests and hills. In order to earn their merit badges Tim and David must undergo physical training both indoors and outdoors and in doing so they encounter a wealth of misadventures. As the camp's game master Fred Willard keeps things moving along while all sorts of hilarious situations are taking place throughout the camp. Tim and David become involved in inter-personal relationships with female campers in "Scout's Honor" which complicate their efforts to earn their merit badges. The two brothers run into lots of other obstacles in their efforts to achieve the badges but they refuse to compromise their integrity. Cast members in "Scout's Honor" include Fred Willard, Chris Kattan, B.J. Bales, Electra Avellan, David Schultz, Kip King and Sean Goodman. "Scout's Honor" was directed by Jesse Bryan and has a running time of 90 minutes.

2010 | 1 hr 30 min
Jesse Bryan
Scout's Honor