Slave of Love

Slave of Love tells the tale of Olga Voznesenskya, a popular and beautiful silent film star in old Russia. Her movies are so popular that underground revolutionaries known as Bolsheviks, who will put their lives on the line for the opportunity to watch her movies. Olga is filming her next picture in a remote Russian location, as the Bolsheviks inch closer and closer to Moscow. Despite Olga being married, she grows very fond of her new film's cameraman, Victor. However, it is soon discovered that Victor is an undercover Bolshevik, and things quickly turn to reflect nothing short of dangerous and risky complication.

1976 | 1 hr 34 min | 7.4/10
Elena Solovey, Rodion Nahapetov, Aleksandr Kalyagin, Oleg Basilashvili
Slave of Love
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