Snowmen is about a young boy's efforts to leave a legacy of his life. Billy is a ten year old boy who had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. He went through the treatments and while he did lose all of his hair, he recovered his health. Even though his parents tell him he his doing well, he refuses to believe he is better and assumes he has a very short time to live. Not wanting to leave the world without making some type of impact, he decides to do something grand to get his name in the famous record book for unusual events.

Billy gets his friends to help him find a task he could actually do that would get him in the book. They finally decide on building snowmen because they live in an area which has a lot of snow on the ground. Billy's plan is to make it a school event so that all the kids in his school will pitch in and make snowmen. There are some obstacles that Billy and his friends need to overcome in their attempt to make a world record for building snowmen. One obstacle is in the form of a school bully.

There is a giant hill of snow on the school grounds which the bully and his pals have claimed as their domain. In order to build the required number of snowmen, the kids will need to use the snow on the hill. Another obstacle is the time limit fro building the snowmen. The kids only have one day to complete the task of building hundreds of snowmen. On the day they choose to build the snowmen, the weather becomes unseasonably warm and their efforts are thwarted by the sun melting the snowmen they build. The movie shows how a community can pitch in to accomplish even the most unusual and difficult of tasks.

| 2011 | | 6.1/10 | 39/100
Bobby Coleman, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Christian Martyn, Josh Flitter
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Also starring Bobb'e J. Thompson

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