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  • NR
  • 2002
  • 6.6  (1,577)

Takkari Donga is a 2002 Telugu film directed by Jayant Paranjee, starring Mahesh Babu, Lisa Ray, and Bipasha Basu. The movie is set in the backdrop of a forest with a treasure hunt as the central plot. The story begins with Mahesh Babu playing the role of a small-time thief and a cowboy named Bhai. He accidentally bumps into Rani (Lisa Ray), who is searching for her missing father. Bhai decides to help Rani find her dad, who was looking for a treasure hidden in the jungle. They begin their journey and meet different people on the way.

When the antagonist, a dreaded dacoit called Bonnie (Bipasha Basu), learns of the treasure, she too sets out to find it. She is accompanied by her group of followers and is on the hunt for the treasure. The story takes many twists and turns, with Bhai and Rani encountering different challenges on their way to finding the treasure.

The story also features a subplot about Rani's father who was once a part of a group of people that discovered the treasure. However, he had his share of issues with the other members of the group. Nonetheless, they had all parted ways, leaving Rani's father to search for the treasure on his own.

The movie's highlight is the action scenes which are neatly choreographed, with Mahesh Babu performing stunts flawlessly. The scenic beauty of the forest adds to the movie's visual appeal. The film's music was composed by Mani Sharma, with the popular songs 'Naalo Unna' and 'Thottado Karigina' becoming instant chartbusters.

Mahesh Babu is remarkable in his role, portraying the cowboy and thief perfectly. Bipasha Basu, in her negative role, is impressive, and Lisa Ray is convincing in her role as the damsel in distress. The chemistry between the lead pair is also a highlight of the movie.

What sets this movie apart is its unique storyline and adventure elements. Takkari Donga is an engaging watch that has something for everyone. It's a mixture of comedy, romance, and action, with a tinge of drama.

Overall, Takkari Donga is a fun-filled adventure that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. It's a must-watch for Mahesh Babu fans and anyone who enjoys a good treasure hunt story.

Takkari Donga
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