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  • 2000
  • 5.7  (834)

Yuvaraju is a 2000 Telugu-language movie that stars Mahesh Babu, Simran, and Sakshi Shivanand in lead roles. Directed by YVS Chowdary, this romantic drama tells the story of Srinivas, a wealthy businessman who returns to India after spending several years in the United States. As the film begins, we are introduced to Srinivas who is living a luxurious life in the US. Despite being successful in his career, he is unhappy and feels unfulfilled. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he receives a call from his mother, who informs him that his father has passed away.

Upon hearing the news, Srinivas decides to return to India to attend his father's funeral. It is during this time that he meets Anu, a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who quickly captures his heart. Unfortunately, their relationship is cut short when Srinivas is called back to the US.

Several years later, Srinivas returns to India to visit his mother and is reunited with Anu. However, their relationship is complicated by the arrival of Sakhi, a childhood friend of Srinivas who has always had feelings for him. As Srinivas tries to navigate his feelings between Anu and Sakhi, he also has to deal with the challenges of running his father's business and dealing with family drama.

One of the highlights of the film is the performance of Mahesh Babu, who delivers a nuanced portrayal of Srinivas as a man who is torn between his personal desires and family obligations. Both Simran and Sakshi Shivanand also deliver strong performances as Anu and Sakhi, respectively.

The film's cinematography is also noteworthy, with beautiful shots of the Indian landscape and vibrant colors throughout. The music, composed by Ramana Gogula, is catchy and adds to the film's emotional depth.

Overall, Yuvaraju is a well-crafted romantic drama that explores themes of love, family, and duty. With its strong performances and beautiful visuals, it remains a popular favorite among fans of Telugu cinema.

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    5.7  (834)