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The Cavern is a horror flick by director Olatunde Osunsanmi, produced by Terry Lee Robbins, Ioana A. Miller, and Gerald A. Vitatoe; written by Osunsanmi and Robbins, and distributed by Spotlight Pictures. Although it was first released as WIthIN, the title was changed to The Cavern by Spotlight Pictures to cash in on the success of two other horror films that came out during the same year, both of which involved caving and subterranean antagonists. The film made its box office debut on October 30th, 2005 and had a DVD release in the following year.

The film takes place around the arid Kyzyl Kim Desert in Kazakhstan and spends its initial scenes establishing the various alliances and distrust within a quintet of cavers as well as a pair of Kazakh natives serving as guides of the area and a researcher, bringing the headcount to eight people. The cavers are Bailey (played by Sybil Temchen), Miranda (played by Ogy Durham), Ori (played by Andrew Caple-Shaw), Gannon (played by Mustafa Shakir), and Domingo (played by Andres Saenz-Hudson). The cavers have been teammates along various caving expeditions for years, earning money by spelunking into new caves and photographing them. The natives are Vlad and Slava (played by Kamen Gabirel and Neno Pervan, respectively) and Ambrose the researcher, (played by Danny Jacobs) whom is writing a book on caving. It might be said that a ghost haunts the group - her name being Rachel (and played by Cassandra Duarden), a teammate of the spelunkers. She apparently died during a Peruvian expedition two year ago, with her story being fleshed out in flashback sequences throughout the film.

As the film progresses, the male characters are killed one at a time, leaving the females to find an exit. Panicked and hunting, the women are captured, eventually waking up in a cave and notice that they are wrapped within animal skin and find photographs, personal effects, and even the wing of an airplane in their vicinity. After looking around some more, the duo manage to find water and even meat for food. However, while joyously consuming the meat, they realize that it actually belongs to one of their dead friends. It is at this point, the women already disturbed by engaging in cannibalism, that the antagonist appears. This beast whom had been hunting down all the other characters, turns out to have been the sole survivor of the crashed plane, a Russian named Peter. Peter savagely kills one of the women and does unspeakable things to the other woman's body.

| 2005 | 1 hr 20 min | 2.8/10
Olatunde Osunsanmi
The Cavern

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