The Diamond Hunters

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Diamond Hunters draws the attention to the stifling fortune of two families who has an unforgettable past. Johnny is a flourishing diamond hunter and has a mysterious past which constantly haunts him. He gets entwined back into his very own family and tries to solve everything which was left unsolved in the past. As a child he lived on the Emerald Coast of South Africa but later on he was abandoned by his father and thus had to leave the Emerald Coast to settle somewhere else.

Johnny was deserted by his rich and controlling father, Jacob almost two decades ago. He suffered as a child without a father figure and he still suffers even today, he has a long lost childhood which was very painful and he still carries its memories as fresh as dew drops. Suddenly, the overpowering emotions from the past commands his soul and he feels extremely dejected, helpless and sad. He desperately wants to know the mystery behind the separation of a father and a son.

Johnny as a grown up person returns back to the Emerald Coast which is located in South Africa to deal with his long lost past. He wants to face his torrid past with great power and confidence and he wants to get rid of its haunting grip on him.

In the mean time Jhonny meets with his half brother, Benedict who is in a furious rage. He wants to fight back Jhonny and chase him off from the Emerald Coast. Johnny gathers all his courage and fights back his own half- brother to gather the long lost diamond empire and his own life. Johnny ardently seeks the permission of Jacob to fight back his half-brother, Benedict. In the mean time Benedicts’s sister Trucey falls in love with Jhonny. Their romance further complicates the boiling situations and infuriates Benedict.

| 2001 | 2 hr
Roy Scheider, Alyssa Milano and Sean Patrick Flanery
Dennis Berry
The Diamond Hunters
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