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"His first wife would kill to be his last"
  • R
  • 1997
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 5.1  (1,206)

The Ex is a 1996 thriller film that revolves around the story of Deidre Kenyon, a successful lawyer who gets terrorized by her former lover and colleague, Jack Sturgess. Deidre has just landed a case, which could make or break her career in a prestigious law firm, but her life takes an unexpected turn when Jack, whom she had dated briefly a few years ago, makes a reappearance in her life in a desperate attempt to get back together.

Things quickly spiral out of control when Jack begins to stalk Deidre, causing irreparable damage to her personal and professional life. As Deidre goes through the turmoil of unwanted attention, she discovers that Jack is a possessive, violent individual who will stop at nothing to destroy her life. Faced with the consequences of her past mistake, Deidre must find a way to put an end to Jack's reign of terror and safeguard her future.

The intense plot of the movie is complemented by a strong cast and skillful direction by Mark L. Lester. Yancy Butler's portrayal of Deidre is remarkably nuanced and captures the essence of a strong-willed and determined lawyer navigating her way around a toxic relationship. Nick Mancuso's performance as Jack is equally outstanding, and he does an excellent job of bringing out the character's various shades, from being charming and manipulative to overtly hostile and violent.

The cinematography of The Ex is another highlight of the movie, with the camera work and editing heightening the sense of tension and suspense in the story. The film's score, composed by Richard Einhorn, also plays a significant role in creating an eerie atmosphere that adds to the film's overall impact.

The theme of The Ex is universal, and the movie deals with larger issues such as abuse, power dynamics in relationships, and the psychological impact of trauma. The movie also explores how Deidre's success as a lawyer does not shield her from the trauma that she undergoes at the hands of Jack. The Ex is a cautionary tale that highlights the importance of recognizing and walking away from toxic relationships that can have life-altering consequences.

In conclusion, The Ex is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. Yancy Butler, Nick Mancuso, and Suzy Amis's performances add to the film's compelling narrative, and Mark L. Lester's direction and Richard Einhorn's music elevate the movie's impact. The Ex is a must-watch for fans of the thriller genre and anyone who enjoys a well-crafted, character-driven story.

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    1 hr 27 min
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    5.1  (1,206)