Roller Boogie

"It's love on wheels!"
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The film entitled Roller Boogie is centered on the life and experiences of Bobby and Terry. The film starts with a group of guys including Bobby, Gordo and Hoppy skating towards the Venice boardwalk where they are going to work. Another scene comes up showing Terry in Beverly Hills as she drives in her luxurious car towards the beach where she is going to have fun and spend quality time away from home. As she drives along, her very good friend known as Lana joins her and decides to accompany her to the beach.

While skating on the boardwalk in Venice, Bobby comes across Terry. He tries to approach her but Terry rejects him, walks away and decides to maintain her distance from him. However, not long after they meet again at an ice rink and Terry still tries to stay away from him. Her plans are frustrated when she slips while skating and Bobby rescues her from having an accident. After that she becomes nice to him and the two start getting along quite well.

Terry finds out about an oncoming skating contest known as the Roller Disco contest and decides she will compete for it. She approaches Bobby and asks him to teach her how to skate so she can perfect her skills and go to the contest. They spend a nice time together while skating but shortly after, Terry tells Bobby she does not want to be with him again and leaves.

Terry goes to the beach the next day where she meets Bobby working out and she joins him. Bobby tells her his dreams of becoming an Olympic champion someday and she encourages him. Terry goes back home but picks a quarrel with her mother who is disappointed to learn her daughter wants to contest for a skating competition. The day of the contest finally comes and after a stunning performance Terry and Bobby win the competition.

| 1979 | 1 hr 43 min | 4.6/10
Linda Blair, Jim Bray, Beverly Garland, Roger Perry
Mark L. Lester
Produced By
Bruce Cohn Curtis
Roller Boogie
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