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  • NR
  • 2017
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 6.6  (14,439)
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Set in the city of Bundang, South Korea, "The Flu" is a disaster film that follows the events of an outbreak of an unknown virus. The movie opens with a young girl traveling from Hong Kong to Incheon airport with her mother. It is later revealed that she has contracted the virus and spreads it to those around her. The viewer is then introduced to a group of workers who illegally sneak into the country and hide in an abandoned building. They become the initial cases of the outbreak in Bundang.

The government quickly responds to the outbreak, attempting to quarantine the city and develop a vaccine. However, the virus spreads rapidly through person-to-person contact, leading to chaos and panic among the citizens. The central character of the film is rescue worker Kang Ji-Koo, played by Jang Hyuk, who becomes involved in saving the city's residents. Meanwhile, the city's mayor, played by Kim Ki-hyeon, attempts to maintain public order and avoid a state of emergency.

As the epidemic worsens, the city's medical staff is overwhelmed, and the National Guard is deployed to enforce quarantines. The movie omits no detail of the government's measure to prevent the spread of the virus. However, as the situation becomes dire, citizens become desperate for food and supplies, leading to looting and fights. Cries for help from the survivors inside the quarantined area intensifies, sounding like cries of despair.

Further, Ji-Koo's daughter who works at a local hospital is also trapped inside the quarantined area. He tries to cross the border to bring his daughter out, but things go from bad to worse. In the midst of this chaos and confusion, the virus kills hundreds of people, and citizens lose all hope, leading to a breakdown of social order.

The Flu is a movie that is mainly driven by emotions. The director does an excellent job of showing the fear and the desperation that comes with an infectious disease outbreak. The virus and its effects are depicted in a very realistic manner, making it easy to connect with the film's characters. Kang Ji-Koo's efforts at ensuring his daughter's safety and helping others are laudable, and he personifies the heroism and the strength that comes with a crisis.

Overall, The Flu is a movie that will leave viewers appreciating the importance of preparedness during an outbreak. It serves as a reminder that infectious diseases pose a global threat and that the world must work together to prevent and mitigate their effects. The Flu movie does an excellent job of raising public awareness of the dangers of infectious diseases more than ever. Aside from its entertainment value, the film also educates the audience about the importance of public health and safety measures in during an epidemic. Without a doubt, it is one movie you shouldn't miss watching.

The Flu
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