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The Slave Hunters is an intriguing historical show set hundreds of years ago. A handsome rich young ruler becomes a slave hunter when he tracks a young enslaved woman he vowed to marry. The story has flashes of an unlikely love story between Dae Gil and a beautiful slave girl named Un Nyun. Lee Dae Gil encounters more trouble than he bargained for when his father finds out about this unlikely forbidden love connection between the two young people. He immediately begins to abuse the young woman, shackles her and refuses to bring her food to eat. He lets her know that he does not care if she starves to death.

Un Nyun's loving brother is also enslaved. He does his best to free them both. In his desperate attempt to flee, he burned the house down. He did not do this as a crime but by accident and he did not mean for anyone to get hurt. Dae Gil's parents perish and leave a devastated son that now is ousted from the society he has known since birth. Even though he crossed the lines by loving this beautiful young slave girl, he did not want to have to leave it all. He has lost everything including the only woman he has ever truly loved Un Nyun. The journey begins to take him to places he never expected to see and things he never wanted to see and hear.

The story continues on to show how horrible and inhumane slavery was. It shows the great gap between those who had excessively much and those who had nothing or who had everything taken from them. The slaves have often been wrongly accused. Great injustices where done to them. This evil was done by the so-called privileged society.

Somehow, true love always prevails against evil and true love always win. Love cannot be erased by the evil of those that hate it. It will only set deep within the hearts of the young lovers and will find a way to bloom again. The journey of this young man that lost it all in the name of love will leave a deep lasting impression in the viewer's heart

KBS Internet Co., Ltd.
1 Season, 24 Episodes
August 16, 2011
Cast: Hyuk Jang, Ji-Ho Oh, Da-hae Lee, Hyeong-jin Kong
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The Slave Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • Tae Ha and Dae Gil escape and meet Hae Won. Dae Gil leaves Tae Ha and Hae Won to join Jjak Gui's crew. Chul Woong finally catches up with Tae Ha.

  • While Tae Ha and Dae Gil hide out, they decide Dae Gil will be a decoy for their escape plan. No Bi Dang battles Jang Rye Won without supplies.

  • Chul Woong's crew attacks Bum Yi, and Bum Yi goes to Jjak Gui's town. Tae Ha wants Dae Gil's help to ask the crown prince to ensure Won Son's safety.

  • Han Sum meets with Lee Jae Jun to ask for military help but is surrounded by Cho Sun Bi. Tae Ha heads to the capital, and Dae Gil joins his journey.

  • One of Yong Gol Dae's crew, Yong Yi, tries to find a way to Won Son. Tae Ha is left alone to promote the future and asks Dae Gil to watch Hae Won.

  • Dae Gil goes into battle himself to save Hae Won, and Tae Ha appears when Dae Gil is in danger. Chul Woong resumes chasing Tae Ha and Dae Gil.

  • General Choi and Wang Son Yi hide at Jjak Gui's town, but Jjak Gui wants them to leave. People find out about Hae Won's fake identity.

  • Tae Ha and Dae Gil learn that Chul Woong is the one who killed their crews. Hae Won finds Won Son and is caught while trying to escape with Won Son.

  • Chul Woong kills Tae Ha and Cho Sun Bi's crew one by one and chases down Cho Sun Bi. Hae Won tries to stop the fight between Tae Ha and Dae Gil.

  • Cho Sun Bi and Tae Ha's relationship starts to shake up, and Cho Sun Bi trys to take Won Son himself. Chul Woong leaves a message using Tae Ha's name.

  • Up Bok's crew ambush Yong Yi from Yong Gol Dae, but is unprepared for a counterattack. Wang Son wants to catch Tae Ha but is attacked by Chul Woong.

  • Chul Woong starts to kill everyone who is trying to save Won Son and gather information on Tae Ha. Chun Ji Ho, meanwhile, wants revenge on Chul Woong.

  • Cho Sun Bi trys to revolt and make Won Son the crown prince. But Tae Ha feels anxious after seeing Cho Sun Bi get so excited about it.

  • Han Sum runs away with Won Son, but he meet up with Chul Woong. Tae Ha tries to save Hae Won from soldiers but ends up shot by arrows.

  • Chun Ji Ho is paid to go to Je Ju Island and kill Won Son. Tae Ha and Hae Won finally arrive on the island, but Chul Woong finds Won Son faster.

  • To heal Hae Won's wounds, Tae Ha goes to his former general's house. Dae Gil and Chul Woong predict Tae Ha will head to Je Ju Island.

  • While fighting Chul Woong, Dae Gil is shocked when he sees Hae Won's face and gets hurt by Chul Woong's sword. Up Bok orders to kill Pak Jin Sa.

  • Hearing that slave hunters are near, Hae Won wants to leave Tae Ha. Dae Gil looks at an old record and learns that Lim Young Ho is Tae Ha's master.

  • Lim Young Ho, Tae Ha's master, waits for Tae Ha and gives a secret mission to Cho Sun Bi. Tae Ha and Hae Won get closer while Dae Gil follows.

  • Lee Gyung Sik, who put Chul Woong in prison, seeks the best slave hunter in Chosun, Dae Gil, to hunt down Tae Ha.

  • Dae Gil and Tae Ha fight. Chun Ji Ho tries to bring down Dae Gil's reputation by spreading rumors. Hae Won almost gets raped until Tae Ha intervenes.

  • The slave who ran away from Dae Gil's house 10 years ago changed her name to Hae Won. Former warrior Song Tae Ha now lives as a slave.

  • Dae Gil is the best slave hunter in Chosun, focused on chasing runaway slaves for money and searching for a lady he saw 10 years ago.

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