The French Woman

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Madame Claude is a well known, well connected, high class woman who knows how to work her way to the top. She runs her business with money and power in mind, and doesn't let anything stop her, although what she does may be considered scandalous. A wealthy French woman who runs a business of call girls, Madame Claude is nothing short of mysterious. She has a dark past of her own and runs a controversial money-making machine. There is no place she wouldn't send one of her girls to fulfill the needs of her clients. Satisfaction is the name of the game, and Madame Claude will settle for nothing less. With the wealth and power her clients carry, she wants to take full advantage.

On the flip side, photographer David Evans has photographic proof of some high status businessmen with Madame Claude's girls. Will these wealthy men be able to throw enough of their money onto these pictures to clear their names?

| 1977 | 1 hr 45 min | 4.5/10
Fran├žoise Fabian, Dayle Haddon, Murray Head, Klaus Kinski
Just Jaeckin
Produced By
Claire Duval
The French Woman
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