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"Terror Vision"
  • R
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 12 min
  • 2.8  (1,277)

The Killer Eye is a 1999 horror-comedy directed by David DeCoteau. The film focuses on a group of scientists who accidentally bring an evil eyeball to life, and they must stop it before it destroys the world. The movie starts by introducing us to Hiram Bingham (played by Jonathan Norman), a scientist who has been working on a formula to give life to different objects. After years of experimentation, he finally succeeds in bringing an eyeball to life. However, he soon realizes that the eyeball is not just any ordinary one, but it is an evil creature that wants to destroy everything in its path.

Hiram reaches out to his former colleague, Dr. Gage (played by Jacqueline Lovell), for help. Dr. Gage is an expert in the field of parapsychology and is the only one who can help him stop the evil eyeball. The two scientists, along with Hiram's assistant, Marcy (played by Nanette Bianchi), team up to stop the killer eye.

As they investigate the eye, they find out that it needs to feed on human energy to survive, and it has already started its killing spree. The eye takes over Marcy's body, and she becomes its puppet. The eye attacks and kills anyone who comes in its way, including the delivery boy and Dr. Gage's ex-husband.

The scientists realize that they must destroy the eye to save themselves and the world. They come up with a plan to lure the eye into a trap and destroy it by exposing it to a high level of radioactivity. However, their plan goes haywire, and they only manage to send the eye into another dimension.

In the end, the scientists destroy the portal, trapping the eye in the other dimension forever. They come back to our dimension, relieved that they have saved the world from the killer eyeball. However, the movie ends with a hint that the evil eye may still be out there, waiting for its chance to strike again.

The movie is filled with over-the-top acting, cheesy special effects, and a nonsensical plot. The Killer Eye is a B-movie, and it never tries to be anything else. It is a fun ride through the world of low-budget horror, and it is perfect for those who enjoy such movies.

The characters in the film are one-dimensional, and the acting is not the best, but it adds to the charm of the movie. Jacqueline Lovell, who plays Dr. Gage, tries her best to elevate the material, but her efforts are in vain. The same can be said for Jonathan Norman, who plays Hiram, and Nanette Bianchi's portrayal of Marcy. However, all three actors do manage to keep the movie entertaining, despite its lackluster performances.

The special effects in the movie are not the best, but they are fun to watch. The killer eye, which is essentially a floating eyeball with tentacles, is genuinely creepy. The death scenes are bloody, and they are not for the faint of heart.

The Killer Eye is not a movie that takes itself seriously, and that is its strength. It is a movie that knows it is cheesy and over-the-top and embraces it. It is a perfect movie to watch with friends, and it is sure to elicit a few laughs.

In conclusion, The Killer Eye is not a movie for everyone. It is a low-budget horror-comedy that is not afraid to be cheesy, over-the-top, and downright silly. However, if you are in the mood for a fun, mindless movie, then The Killer Eye is worth a watch. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of B-movies, and it is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

The Killer Eye is a 1999 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 12 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 2.8.

The Killer Eye
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    2.8  (1,277)