The Lacemaker

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  • R
  • 1977
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 7.5  (2,999)

Set in the late 1970s, The Lacemaker is a French drama film directed by Claude Goretta. The film follows a young woman named Pomme (Isabelle Huppert) who lives and works in Paris. Pomme is a shy and introverted woman, who spends most of her time studying at a beauty school. Her life takes a turn when she meets a young law student named Francois (Yves Beneyton) at a dance club, and the two begin a relationship.

Pomme is from a small town, and her family is not well-off. They are supportive of her, but they are not able to provide for her financially. Francois, on the other hand, comes from a wealthy family and is able to provide for Pomme. They embark on a romantic relationship, but Pomme soon realizes that they come from different worlds and their relationship may not last.

As Pomme becomes increasingly unsure about her relationship with Francois, she begins to seek solace in her work as a lacemaker. Pomme is able to lose herself in the intricate details of lace-making, and it becomes a form of meditation for her. She also forms a close friendship with a fellow lacemaker named Marie (Florence Giorgetti), a middle-aged woman who is struggling with her own personal demons.

As the relationship between Pomme and Francois becomes more strained, Pomme begins to withdraw into herself. She stops attending school and eventually quits her job. Her relationship with Marie becomes more important to her, and she finds comfort in their shared love of lace-making.

The Lacemaker is a subtle and nuanced film that explores themes of class, love, and identity. Isabelle Huppert delivers a stunning performance as Pomme, capturing the character's complex emotions with subtlety and grace. Yves Beneyton's portrayal of Francois is equally impressive, capturing the character's naivety and entitlement with authenticity.

The film is beautifully shot, with Goretta capturing the bustling streets of Paris and the intricacies of lace-making with equal finesse. The pacing of the film is slow and deliberate, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the world of the characters.

Overall, The Lacemaker is a hauntingly beautiful film that lingers in the mind long after the credits have rolled. It is a film that rewards patience and attention to detail, and is a must-see for fans of slow-burning, character-driven dramas.

The Lacemaker
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    1 hr 47 min
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    7.5  (2,999)