The Lost Moment

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  • NR
  • 1947
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 6.9  (1,290)

The Lost Moment is a 1947 psychological thriller film that tells the story of a young publisher, Robert Cummings (Lewis Venable) who visits Venice to interview the mysterious Juliana Borderau, played by Susan Hayward. Venable intends to secure the rights to a bundle of letters written by her father to his lover, the famous romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern, who resided in Venice before passing on. Venable foolishly believes that the letters might contain valuable information about Aspern's unpublished works.

Upon arriving in Venice, Venable struggles to get hold of Juliana, as she keeps running away from him. Venable meets an old lady, Tina Bordereau (played by Agnes Moorehead), Juliana's aunt, who is supposed to guard the letters. The old lady, after discovering Venable's purpose, restricts him from seeing Juliana and insists that she is not willing to sell any of the letters. Venable, in his eagerness to get the letters, meets Juliana at different museum corners and cafes, trying to convince her to sell the letters. Juliana is in a dilemma because her aunt, who is seemingly mentally unstable, is holding Juliana hostage and has made it impossible for her to sell the letters.

Venable and Juliana grow close to each other after numerous encounters in Venice. He promises to take care of her if she gives him the rights to the letters, but Juliana is hesitant to make the decision without consulting her estranged aunt.

As time goes on, Venable's obsession with Juliana increases, and he discovers that Tina had an affair with Jeffrey Aspern, Juliana's father's lover. After knowing this, Venable's pursuit of Aspern's letters becomes more personal.

The climax of the movie is a thrilling conflict between the three leading characters, where each is trying to get what they want. The Lost Moment is an enthralling film with an intricate plotline and a cast of characters that connect in fascinating ways. The movie is a visual pleasure as it is filmed in Venice in the post-war period, which adds to its attractiveness. The portrayal of the three main characters by Robert Cummings, Susan Hayward, and Agnes Moorehead is brilliant, making the film a remarkable piece of cinematic art.

The film's score is powerfully stirring, packing the darkly romantic mood. The cinematography is top-drawer, capturing the cobblestone city streets of Venice and the melancholic gloom of its canals. Additionally, the film delves into the inescapable themes of passion, guilt, secrecy, and manipulation, leading to a spine-chilling tale that keeps the viewer captivated until the end.

In conclusion, The Lost Moment is an exceptional psychological thriller film that delivers a captivating storyline, a mesmerizing score, and brilliant acting performances that will have you hooked from start to finish. The movie brings a unique angle of interrelationships between characters and their individual desires, weaving them into a twisted and intriguing conflict that makes the film an absolute must-watch.

The Lost Moment
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